How to avoid eating your feelings

I just had a session with a longtime client. She recapped a couple of weeks where her stress was unusually high, higher than the family/work juggle many of us attempt. After she summarized what had been happening, I agreed with her, “that’s a lot, I totally get it.”...

Dreamgirl before or after?

Yesterday, a client walked in for her session and the first thing out of her mouth was “what do you think of Jennifer Hudson’s weight loss?” The truth is, I had some thoughts on her massive weight loss but diplomatically deflected asking my client what she...

Onion Ring Excuses

For some reason, the posts where I detail my dietary digressions or explain the embarrassing seem to stimulate the most feedback. Fast Food Slaytons and Potty Talk are 2 of these posts. In fact, after reading Potty Talk, a friend at a cocktail party said to me “I...


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