Our Squeeze week is on, and we sent out a newsletter with all of our Squeeze Secret Weapons and a Brownie Bowl recipe. We’re especially loving on this Seed & Mill organic tahini. Our tahini latte & tahini salad dressings are already a huge hit. Here’s our delish Tahini Latte recipe.

For those really busy mornings, we love a coffee breakfast. That’s right, coffee = breakfast. From this concoction you’ll get your caffeine fix and sippable nutrition. Tahini adds a little nutty flavor, this and MCT will power you through until lunch. This is a variation on Foodtrainers’ popular Boss Coffee recipe. Serves 1.

What you need:

What to do:

  1. Blend (you really, really need to blend and not stir this) all ingredients into a coffee with super powers.
  2. Transfer to a mug or mason jar.
  3. Handle everything that comes your way with ease.


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