Our March, Monthly Morsels newsletter highlighted healthy travel options (we have a pretty new design happening too). The week before a trip, at least in my house, can be crazy making. The teacher’s cram in tests and papers , I try to see as many clients as I can, to make up for time away, and then the annoying logistics: dog care, transportation to the airport- blah blah blah. I can’t help with your family stuff but let me help take one thing off your list and give you my two cents on healthy packing.

Rituals on the road

Sure, your meals may not be the same when you’re away, to a certain extent you may want to branch out. However, bring at least one healthy ritual with you. This could involve your vitamins, food journal, apple cider vinegar or tea.

I pack up my geriatric (actually mine is kind of cute) vitamin case and always bring my Wakaya ginger tea. I have the tea both warm in flight and add it to water bottles for the beach. Ginger is great for headaches, altitude sickness, tummy troubles and immunity.

BYOM (Bring Your Own Meal)

BYOM = bring your own meal. You may be able to find a decent airport meal but you will not have a good plane meal. Even if it looks good it is chock full of sodium and preservatives. I usually pack a sandwich on KNOW or LPQ  bread or Siete wraps, avocado/arugula with or without organic turkey. Experiment a little to find what works for you, that way you don’t have to think about it/make decisions every time you go away. The actual travel days are often trickier than the days at your destination. Oh and don’t ignore your travel day back home. Many hotels can box up a healthy meal.

Food First Aid Kit

Along the lines of having a designated travel meal, have your go to snacks. I bring a large bag of raw almonds or walnuts and portion them out into my nutcase. I’m a jerky fan, as are my kids, though I know jerky can be polarizing. Vt Smoke and Field trip are my favorite jerkys. I also include something sweet either health warrior bars or Hu Kitchen chocolate. Our rule is one snack per day away, plus a few extra for curious friends or family members.

A little bit of organization can go a long way. You’ll feel better while you’re away and will not feel miserable when you return.

Do you BYOM for travel? If so, what do you bring? Any favorite travel snacks?




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