One of the tenets of Foodtraining is that planning eclipses willpower (can’t use the word trump anymore, for obvious reasons). Oftentimes in sessions, in order to gauge a client’s planning, I’ll ask “what’s for dinner tonight?” It is the first week back, for many people after the holidays, but yesterday, the answer du jour was “T.B.D”. To which I always say, well let’s change TBD to D.

There is something called decision fatigue. Throughout the day, there are countless decisions to be made. Some are conscious, others not. Just like any other part of you, your decision-making ability fatigues. This is one of the reasons many more people have trouble with their evening eating. There are relatively few breakfast binges.

I know meal prep is a big thing, especially on Instagram. Unlike some, I don’t prepare a week of food in advance. That doesn’t work for me; however, I do plan our dinners for the week. There is no way I could come home from work and whip together a healthy meal. And it’s when there’s no plan in place that take out is alluring. Sadly, the easiest options are rarely the healthiest.

So, take a minute. What do you have in the house? OR, what could you pick up at the store?

Five minutes now will save you 500 calories, or more, later.

How do you plan your meals? Do you do it for the week? The day? Are you judging me for using the word calories? If you are, you’re missing the point.



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