Nobody likes to myth bust more than I do. And so, when I recently spoke to Domino magazine about superfoods (and affordable substitutes) I was ready to offer full-on snark. However, as I reviewed each item on the list, I was reminded that many of these foods are heralded as super for a reason. Additionally, I believe foods can send subliminal messages. Perhaps, when we’re eating goji berries we feel we’re on our nutrition game. So, let’s have a look at these alleged superfoods…

 Hemp seeds hemp seeds have a combo of good, essential fats (essential means body cannot produce). One type of fat in hemp seeds are omega 3’s.  You’re probably acquainted with those good fats found in salmon and other fatty fish. But hemp also has GLA’s. GLA’s are great for healthy skin and hormone health; they are good omega 6’s. These GLA’s aren’t founding traditional foods. So, while you can get omega 3’s in fatty fish, walnuts and chia seeds,  GLA’s are usually supplemented in evening primrose or borage oil.

Worth it? Yes, particularly for women for PMS, hair or nail health.

Goji berries – even though superfoods seem trendy to us, most of them have a long history of use. Gojis have been used for thousands of years. Goji berries have beneficial effects on your blood sugar. They’re also important for eye health, as the antioxidants in goji’s can prevent macular degeneration. And any couple concerned with fertility should go goji, they benefit both sperm health and ovulation.

Worth it? Yes, for fertility, eye health and weight control.

Moringa- moringa is definitely having a moment. My issues with moringa are that a) the actual research is scant and b) that it tastes horrible. I did purchase some moringa powder to play with, will circle back. It’s rich in C, B6 and iron and has some diuretic effects.

Worth it?  I’m curious but unconvinced.

Bee pollen– I feel bee pollen should get more attention. Perhaps the reason it doesn’t is that it’s expensive to produce and not an inexpensive item to purchase. Bee pollen has natural, anti-bacterial properties. It also good for allergy sufferers. If you’re scanning this list for the superfood to help your metabolism, I’d pick pollen.

Worth it? Yup for immunity, allergies and weight loss.

*also some evidence it’s helpful for those TTC.

 Chia seeds– chia seeds have almost become commonplace, in healthy circles, with good reason. Chia seeds are LOADED with fiber and contain omega 3’s. They are natural hunger busters because of their ability to swell in liquid. I use our Cocochia (chia, coconut and probiotics) almost daily. 
Worth it? Yes, chia helps appetite, constipation and is a non-fish source of omega 3

As you can see, different superfoods make sense depending on your goals and needs. And although basics aren’t as sexy, if you aren’t regularly eating greens, drinking water and sleeping, 7 hours or more per night, start there first, before getting super.


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