A few weeks ago I went to Nashville for a friends birthday and was blown away by the good food, music (of course) and weather. I actually have a crush on Nash and have to share my hits with you. Of course, with only 2 days there, I cannot personally vouch for all of the below but I promise you I got my “red juice” in (aka Bloody Marys). As a former New Orleans-er, it felt like a little cleaned up, mini version of Lauren & my favorite city in the world (NOLA).

We always like to point you in the healthyish direction wherever you are so here it goes:


The Thompson hotel & rooftop, gorgeous and fun.


  • Milk & Honey – in a true act of brilliance, they put you on a waitlist app that you can check the status of your table. Also, my friend ordered the Nutella Latte and that’s all I’m going to say about that.
  • Pinewood social; their fried broccoli is a do-not-miss and the bowling alley vibe is so much fun. Also.. the bloody mary’s.


  • The Little Octopus: All shared plates and the ceviches & the scallops were the winners… it felt good to leave dinner not painfully stuffed. We loved it so much we hit it for brunch before our flights out too)
  • HUSK- the most highly recommended dinner spot, according to insta; Lauren and I went a few years ago and it’s meaty but good.


  • Wander the gulch, super cute area
  • Grand Old Opry, we had the most unexpected, best time with old school country music. It was a hike but well-worth it.
  • Of course the honky tonk bars on Broadway, I had a nursery school (!) friend playing at Paradise Park so that was our winner. But the whole block is fantastic  — Acme feed & seed, Tootsies, you really can’t go wrong.



  • Juice Bar:  I’m always awake the earliest so my daily ritual was to grab a “MEAN GREENS”: jalapeño • celery • kale • spinach • cucumber • parsley • lemon.

To be honest, I packed my sneakers but didn’t take them out once. There was a lot of dancing to live music though, so I got my 10k steps in.

OK, there is so much more to do,  I had put feelers out to my insta-friends and here are a list of spots we didn’t get to:


Restaurants & Snacks

  • Henrietta reds
  • Rolf & daughters
  • Black rabbit
  • The Pharmacy
  • Caviar and bananas
  • Fido
  • The wild cow – vegan
  • 12 south- bartaco
  • jenis ice cream ????


  • The ryman
  • Roberts
  • Patterson house
  • LA Jackson’s
  • Winners & Losers
  • Etch
  • Adele’s
  • 5th and Taylor
  • Urban cowboy
  • Skulls rainbow room
  • The exit in


  • Frothy monkey ????

Chocolate Tour

  • Olive & Sinclair

This just means… I will be back ASAP. Have you Nash’d? Any spots I missed?


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