Today we’re diving into how men and women differ when it comes to food. Research shows that men are less likely to see a doctor for a check-up or take preventive measures for their health so if there are any men in your life who would find this useful, please encourage them to listen to this episode.

First of all we have to say that men tend to lose weight faster than women because they are larger, have more testosterone, build muscle more easily and have faster metabolisms. So their portion sizes can generally be bigger.

But as much as we’re pointing out all the differences, in many ways men and women should be eating similarly. We recommend more veggies, more lean proteins like wild fish, grass-fed meats, gluten-free grains, less sugar, less junky oils and less processed carbs. Supplements generally are a little bit different for men versus women, but there is some overlap. We suggest our Favorite Foursome pack (containing vitamin D, magnesium, omega 3s and a probiotic)  to almost all of our clients. It’s a really really good starter pack, regardless of gender.

But there are also some foods which are great for prostate and sperm health so are especially useful for men. Watermelon and tomatoes both have lycopene in them and some research links lycopene with protection against prostate and other cancers.

For sperm and prostate health, one of the most important nutrients is zinc. Zinc deficiency can increase your chances of an inflamed prostate, prostate cancer and low-quality sperm. Good sources of zinc are shellfish (especially oysters) and pumpkin seeds.

For building muscle mass useful things to include in your diet are:

  • Grass-fed whey protein (we love the ones from Tera’s)
  • Omega 3s (good sources are fish, chia seeds and walnuts – we love the maple walnuts in our shop)
  • An amino acid called leucine (eggs and pumpkin seeds are excellent sources)


Other great supplements for men are:

  • Saw Palmetto (for urinary problems, maintaining normal levels of testosterone, preventing hair loss and increasing libido and overall prostate health)
  • CoQ10 (100 milligrams a day with food is good for athletes, heart health, male fertility and for anyone, male or female, on a statin drug)


Supplements we recommend for hair health are:




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