We talk a lot about what we call secret weapons. And what we’ve learned is that what is second nature to us can be a little confusing to others who may not live and breathe nutrition like we do. So today we’re going to explain in a little more depth why we suggest things like apple cider vinegar or CBD and exactly how you should use them. 

Before we dive in, we want to say that these are extras. First we want you to be sure that you’re doing the basics – getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, eating vegetables and getting movement into your day. 

Our secret weapons:

  1. Apple cider vinegar or ACV. This is a great way to start the day and helps you control your blood sugar. Choose an unpasteurized, raw ACV and skip ACV pills as those can actually can be dangerous. A research study in the Journal of Functional Foods found that ACV reduces appetite and increases satiety. We suggest a tablespoon of ACV in a cup of water one or two times a day before a meal. Be careful if you have kidney issues. We love this Vermont Apple Cider Vinegar and this ACV Travel Pack.
  2. Dandelion. It’s a diuretic so it’s going to help you lose some water weight if you’re feeling puffy. It’s also great for your liver, so great for people who like to have a drink or two. We stock these Dandelion Bitters in our shop. You can put about 20 drops in water with your ACV in the morning. There’s also a great brand called Zizia. They make a liver tincture with a few different herbs that we use. And dandelion teas are another good choice.
  3. Super spices like cinnamon, turmeric, ginger and hot pepper or cayenne. Cinnamon is fantastic for balancing blood sugar. We recommend ceylon cinnamon. The ILA Ceylon Cinnamon in our shop is beautiful. If there’s one magic food out there, it’s turmeric. The mood benefits are insane, it’s anti inflammatory and may help with weight loss. Ginger is great for immune boosting, motion sickness, morning sickness or any tummy troubles. We have a great brand called Wakaya. You can just put a spoonful in with hot water and it turns into a tea. Cayenne, hot peppers and all the spicy things are super metabolism boosting. That’s why Lauren carries hot sauce in her purse!
  4. Oil of oregano. Great for travel and very important to have in your medicine cabinet for cold and flu season because it’s really the strongest food antibiotic. Add a drop to green juice at the first sign of any illness. You can also take a couple of drops with some ACV. To cut the taste a little bit, add a squeeze of orange.
  5. Matcha, green and pueraria tea. Matcha and green teas are loaded with antioxidants, boost brain health and protect livers and hearts. They can also boost your metabolism. One or two cups a day is great – don’t overdo it because they can upset your thyroid.
  6. Chlorella. Chlorella is an algae, but you can take it in powder or tablet form. It binds to heavy metals like lead, cadmium and mercury, so can take them out of your system. A study in the Journal of Medicinal Food found chlorella caused a noticeable reduction in body fat percentage, total cholesterol and fasting blood glucose levels. It’s super important to take high-quality chlorella. You don’t want any contaminants in your secret weapons. We have a brand called KIKI Chlorella in our shop. Start with four tablets, then you can work your way up. Don’t try to dissolve them in water,  don’t chew them up and don’t mash them together. Definitely have your doctor check your mercury levels.
  7. MCT and olive oil. MCT is a component of coconut oil. It provides quick energy and it also seems to be a weight loss accelerator and metabolism booster so it’s really good for weight loss. It’s totally flavorless so you can add it to coffee. We use it in what we call our Boss Coffee which is organic coffee, MCT oil, collagen, cinnamon and stevia blended together. You can also throw it in smoothies, salad dressings and cooked vegetables. Olive oil is loaded with powerful antioxidants and anti inflammatory properties. It’s so important for brain health, beautiful skin and weight management. Both these fats help reduce cravings and are going to balance your blood sugar. Check our shop for our favorites – Wild MCT Oil and Brightland AWAKE Olive Oil.
  8. CBD. CBD is popping up in all kinds of products but it’s key to choose a good brand. One of our favorite is Wildflower CBD Wellness Tincture. They also do a great stick for sports injuries and that kind of thing. Lord Jones products are also very popular with our clients. CBD helps with all different types of anxiety including social anxiety or public speaking anxiety but also OCD and PTSD. It works by boosting serotonin receptors so it’s similar to SSRI medications (note: we’re not saying to skip your meds but when we work with clients we might introduce CBD and work with their doctor to reduce other medications). It also lowers your cortisol levels and is great for helping you sleep. Like our other secret weapons, it’s also super safe.
  9. Bee pollen. Bee pollen is delicious and seems to mitigate some of the harmful effects of radiation from cancer treatments but also in WiFi and phones. It’s anti inflammatory, has tons of B vitamins so is great for PMS and can also help with seasonal allergies. You want to get bee pollen that’s as local as possible. We love sprinkling it on yogurt or smoothies or using it in salad dressings. 
  10. Valerian root and passionflower. These incredible herbs help with anxiety and sleep. We suggest taking them at night. Try the Sweet Dreams Potion from our shop.


Our tips for secret weapons are:

  • Run them by your doctor
  • Double-check if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Give them time to see if they’re working
  • Be sure to take them most days
  • Create bookends – a morning and evening ritual to incorporate them




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