New year, new you? If you’ve failed at keeping your NYE resolutions three years (or more!) in a row, check out this episode. We’re revealing our 10 best tips to creating resolutions that you’ll actually achieve. We’re also launching our listener Q&A, where we’ll answer your questions about food and wellness. Today the question is about the best foods to eat for clear skin.

Firstly, if you have failed at keeping your resolutions, you’re not alone – the statistics for how many people reach the goals they set for themselves are pretty grim. 

Some of that is about the way we set goals. Here’s what we recommend.

  1. Make multiple resolutions and use them as a roadmap for the year ahead. Different parts of the year are better for accomplishing certain goals and once you’re successful in a couple of areas, it will inspire you to achieve the rest.
  2. Set yes goals rather than just no goals. A yes goal is something you want to do more of, for example eating more greens or taking more steps.
  3. Be modest with your goal setting. For example, set an intention to work out for at least four days a week instead of every day. Four days a week means that you are doing it more days than not, and it prevents resolution fatigue because you have a little bit of safety net built in.
  4. Focus on support behaviors, not outcomes. If you want to lose weight, for example, look at the steps that are going to get you there like cooking at home more often or seeing a nutritionist.
  5. Add accountability. The Foodtrainers clients that do the best are the ones that show up every week for appointments or food stocks. Log your food intake, hire a trainer or tell family or friends what you’re doing.
  6. Anticipate obstacles so you can have a plan to overcome them. Expect that you’ll have off days or plateaus, and know how to get back on track.
  7. Bookend your day. How you start and end your day is pretty powerful, and you usually have more control over those times than the middle of the day. You could start your day with meditation, making your bed and/or a secret weapon like Dandelion Bitters or Ceylon Cinnamon in your coffee. To end your day, herbal teas are great and Chill Pills or Sweet Dreams Drops can help you sleep.
  8. Never say never. Rather than committing to going without something you really enjoy for a year or a month, try it for a week first, then reassess. A replacement behavior, for example kombucha instead of Diet Coke, can be powerful because you are still kind of retaining that ritual, but upgrading it a little bit.
  9. Include a resolution to do something for others, like sending a handwritten note once a week.
  10. Review your resolutions on a regular basis. Set a reminder on your phone to check your progress at least once a month. 




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