Let’s take a deep dive into vitamins: what you should take, how much, and any other must-know details.

Supplements are important, but you have to remember that they are meant to be supplemental to a healthy diet. They are not going to take the place of eating healthy foods.

Before we get into what to take, though, we have to deal with the issue of remembering to take them. Compliance seems to be an issue for most people. In order to better remember what vitamins to take and when, we recommend a pill case. Leaving vitamins out somewhere you can see them is a great way to remember to take them.

Should you take vitamins with or without food?

It depends. Some vitamins are fat-soluble while others are water-soluble. You will need dietary fat for the fat-soluble vitamins to be absorbed into your body. Those vitamins are A, D, E, and K. Of those, D is the only one that we recommend for most people. Very few things are hindered by taking them with food, but some are hindered by taking them without food.

Vitamins we recommend in the morning

Vitamin D is a good one for the morning. B Vitamins are great in the morning. They’re energizing, but you don’t really want that before bed. Rhodiola is an adaptogenic herb that helps to deal with stress, and acts as an upper. We also like the NAC “everything pills” to take in the morning.

Tip: NAC can also be great to take after a night of drinking.

Vitamins for nighttime

Magnesium, probiotics, and CBD are all great nighttime vitamins. We also offer our No. 2 and Sweet Dreams blends, and these are great for taking before going to sleep.

We don’t recommend dozens of supplements, but depending on what your issues are and what your diet is like, you need to be taking a few.



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