It’s important to know how what you’re putting in your body works. Supplements are a great way to complement what you’re eating—and they can have some impressive positive effects.

We’re going to talk about 5 supplements you can take that support weight loss. No, not those weight loss pills or shady packets you see at convenience store counters, but supplements you’ve probably already heard of before and may not realize have weight loss benefits. Supplements are not a replacement for what you eat, but they can still be incredibly helpful.


This supplement is fairly new to the West, but has thousands of years of use in Chinese medicine. One of its effects is similar to metformin, a supplement popular with biohackers but also helps regulate blood sugar levels, but there have been some concerns around the side effects of metformin which berberine does not have.

Vitamin D

People with better Vitamin D levels do better with similar levels of weight loss regimens than those who do not. People who consume more Vitamin D also tend to have less belly fat!


Hormones play a key role in your weight loss, and one of these hormones is insulin. Magnesium deficiency contributes to insulin resistance, and supplements can help to improve this. There are a few different types, so it’s important to know the differences. We offer magnesium citrate, which is very absorbable and helps with bowel movements as well. If you don’t need that help, magnesium glycinate may be better.


Rhodiola is an adaptogenic herb that helps to reduce cortisol, and this likely contributes to reducing visceral fat. It’s an upper, so you should probably take it in the morning. It’s also helpful for anxiety disorder and in reducing cravings.

B Vitamin Complex

It’s important to keep your B Vitamins balanced, which is why we recommend a complex. B Vitamins can help reduce weight gain and a Vitamin B deficiency can disrupt your metabolism. For menstruation, B Vitamins can help mitigate cravings and reduce weight gain related to PMS. They deplete daily, so you need to take these vitamins regularly. They are also incredibly important for detoxification of the liver.



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