We love covering topics that we believe will be of interest or benefit to people, but at some point the best thing you can do is seek out personalized advice. Our nutrition sessions are a way for clients to dig deeper into topics that are of interest to them or that they may have heard about on the podcast or elsewhere.

If you’ve ever been curious about what happens behind closed doors, we’re going to lift the veil on a nutrition session, showing you what it’s like in one of our sessions from an inside perspective.

Client #1: Fasting Curious

He has seen success with intermittent fasting, and was wondering about the benefits of extended fasting (24 to 36 hours).

Takeaway: Stick with the success you are seeing in your food timing, and instead focus on getting the food you eat during that time more under check. That will create more of a benefit than just tweaking the timing more.

Client #2: Candy Queen

She heard us equate sugar to alcohol when it comes to damaging your liver, and she was shocked. She’s ambitious with her wellness, both her fitness and her diet, but she can’t shake her sugar habit.

Takeaway: There is a way to incorporate sugar or alcohol into your life in a responsible way, but the best amount is always zero. You have to be aware of whether you are abusing the amounts you are taking in.

Client #3: New Leaf

This client moved in with her family due to COVID, and with that she got out of her daily routines and began eating what worked for the other family members.

Takeaway: In just one week she managed to turn around a lot of those habits she’d slipped on just by setting really intentional goals and sticking to them.

Client #4: What the F***’s for Dinner?

This client is running into some serious cooking fatigue. She’s having trouble balancing eating healthy with at home cooking when she feels so exhausted at the end of the day.

Takeaway: Make sure you have a meal plan in place every week. It’s too big of an ask to expect yourself to decide what to eat, cook for an hour, and clean after a long, difficult day. Slow cookers and sheet pan meals can take a lot of the difficulty out of food prep.

Client #5: Fear Factor

He had recently received disheartening news from his doctor, and it became a bit of a wakeup call. He wanted to take action, but also wanted that change to be sustainable.

Takeaway: Fear can often get us to start making changes, but it is typically not a long-term motivator. We try to focus on how he wants to feel, how good it feels to take care of yourself, and how his changes might influence his family. Focus on the deeper meaning of the changes, not just the bad news you got.




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