I can’t believe we have to say this, but, it’s okay to want to lose weight!

Under the guise of body positivity, it’s become taboo to talk about weight loss on social media. We’re going to dive into some of the messaging around wanting to lose weight — especially for summer — to separate the truths, mistruths, and hypocrisy present there.

The pushback centers on choice. Of course, you don’t have to lose weight for the summer. But, the criticism has become so severe to the point that it’s flipped on its head. We’ve gone from shaming people for not losing weight — which is bad — to shaming people for wanting to lose weight — still bad.

Like anything, summer weight loss can be taken to the extreme. You should never torture yourself or engage in damaging behaviors to lose weight or alter your appearance. But, if you feel like you have a little extra winter weight, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to lose a little.

We have to find a balanced way of calling something out without canceling the whole thing. We shouldn’t feel pressured to lose weight or embarrassed if we want to. Don’t vilify weight or healthy weight loss. It all comes down to that.




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