We’re going to dive into some real-life scenarios from some of our Foodtrainers clients – anonymously, of course – that can be applied universally to all of you. 

One client recently came back after not seeing us for a while, and she seemed like she was ready. One of her first assignments was “food stalking,” where she would journal about her food, and check in nightly. She was doing very well, then suddenly the check-ins stopped. She said was struggling with night eating, and she said something very specific: “I’m just not feeling it this time.” Our lives are constantly changing, and we need to break the habit of comparing our present situation to our past. Give yourself a clean slate when you embark on something. We also can’t wait to make changes for when we’re “feeling it.” Don’t let your trouble area affect the rest of your routine.

Next, we have a client who has had trouble around the holidays. As we were setting a plan for the next holiday season, he was saying “I don’t want to deprive myself.” But an effort to avoid deprivation can sometimes give ourselves a license to take in everything. Tradeoffs do not mean deprivation, and we need to challenge those thoughts.

Our final client is a rockstar with many parts of her routine – but her weakness is sugar. It seemed like, no matter what strategy or approach we took, it was still a problem. It became the focus of our sessions and she was really hard on herself regarding the setbacks. We often argue for moderation as opposed to completely cutting things out, but sometimes all or nothing is the right approach.

Different methods will work better or worse for different people. For some, moderation just won’t cut it. For others, substitution can feel like deprivation. It’s important to recognize the reality of our current situation – not how well we were doing a year or two ago.

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