Today we are talking all things body image, which mostly translates to body angst if we’re being honest. We wanted to talk about it after a Foodtrainers client who is approaching a milestone birthday emailed us to say she finds it depressing that she hasn’t been happy with her weight her entire adult life. We find that totally relatable so what we wanted to do in this episode is answer the question, will I be 100 and still thinking about my body?

Body image is a big issue for lots of people, even if weight isn’t actually a problem. And times when our bodies change, like during puberty or menopause, can spark or intensify body image issues.

It’s also just not about your body because how you feel in your body affects your sexual relationships, your confidence at work and how much you want to be out and about and see your friends. Body image issues can also cause serious problems like social anxiety and depression, especially among teenagers. 

Tune in for some tips to let go of self criticism about your body and find out why we prefer the concept of ‘body neutrality’ over ‘body positive’.



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