We’re big fans of looking at the latest and (sometimes) greatest nutrition topics, but that doesn’t mean we should ever lose sight of the basics. We’re going to do a short and sweet episode all about fruit and some of the subtleties involved.

Fruit is a great way to add nutrition to your diet, and it is often better than the majority of grocery store items. While any fresh fruit is usually a good choice, there are subtleties that can make some fruits better than others. Bananas, berries, and kiwis are all popular fruits, each with their own unique benefits. But how much is too much?

Bananas ripen post-picking, resulting in a rise in sugar content. But they also contain something called resistant starch, which is a prebiotic. Berries are a great source of fiber and are low in sugar, but they also contain components that make them uniquely healthy. A recent study suggested that a ½ cup of blueberries a day could help stave off dementia. Kiwis are a great source of vitamin C and fiber. Eating them with the skin can help with sleep and constipation, but it also doubles the fiber content.

When it comes to eating fruit, having it at the end of a meal can help control blood sugar levels. apple cider vinegar and berberine both can also help control blood sugar levels. Fruits like grapes, mangos and cherries are best limited, and dates are a high sugar, low fiber food that should be eaten sparingly.

In general, if you’re just getting started with eating whole foods, you can eat fresh fruit and not worry about it too much. But if you are already eating a balanced diet, try to stick to a cup of fruit a day. Excess sugar in any form can be stored as fat, so it’s important to be mindful of how much fruit you’re eating. That’s our two cents on fruit!

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