If you’ve read our blog/social media posts you know that we are decidedly pro coffee and matcha. We can totally geek out with coffee recipes, there’s our Boss coffee, we recently posted our frozen tahini latte and  our blender bulletproof matcha is coming your way soon. Does caffeine count as a hobby?

We often chose to DIY for our coffee and matcha, so we can choose our ingredients and add secret weapons (cinnamon, collagen, MCTS, turmeric, the list is long). But there are times when we grab a drink to go.  This got us thinking, exactly what type of milk are the coffee shops serving? In the past, Carolyn looked into Starbuck’s coconut milk, when it was first offered. Grace covered oat milk and gave it a definitive thumb’s down. But if you do dairy, are you getting organic or well-produced milk? And is that almond, or other nut milk, unsweetened?

We did some investigating, popping into at a dozen, popular NYC coffee shops. The good news is that many places: Gregory’s, Joe and the Juice, Bluestone, Le Pain Quotidian, Joe’s, Jacks and Fika offer organic or well produced dairy options. The bad news, if you’re dairy free, is that only a handful of places: Gregory’s, Joe and the Juice, Jacks and Fika offer unsweetened nut milk options. And our gold standard, organic dairy AND unsweetened nut milk was only achieved by Jack’s, Joe and the Juice and Gregory’s coffee.

We’ve learned that establishments will offer what they are repeatedly asked for. So, at your local coffee shop, ask about the milk. We like to see the container so we can do further digging. Is the dairy organic? What type is the non-dairy milk. We love macadamia milk (shootout to Jacks’s for serving this), almond, coconut and cashew milk. Oat and Soy milk aren’t Foodtrainers’ friendly. Share what you learn with us as we’re hoping to add places, in and out of New York, to our coffee chart. If you’re curious about matcha, we have the most delicious new matcha in our shop.


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