We’re back! Sorry for the radio silence. Just like all of you, we’ve been adjusting to this new normal and trying to figure out the best way to help you. But what seemed, at first, like a temporary situation is here to stay. And with that, we have a few tips and options.

5 Steps for Healthy while Homebound

Set a schedule – with the roller coaster of emotions we’re all feeling it’s imperative to create an eating routine. Set regular mealtimes and do your best to stick to them.Vegify – with infrequent food shopping, many clients are low on veggies. Purchase hearty vegetables such as carrots, celery, and sweet potatoes, those will last a long time in the fridge. And organic frozen is another good option.

Pop your pills (no, not those) – continue to take your Vitamin D, probiotic and NAC (important respiratory benefits) for immune benefits.

Select a skip night – we get it, we’ve tequila-ed a bit to get through this but you want to take nights off. We suggest at least 1-2 dry nights per week.

Cut yourself some slack – when stressed some of us emotionally eat, some have no appetite. Just do the best you can.


This is our e-nutrition programYou sign up for a week at a time. Whether you’re new to Foodtrainers or an existing client, our Foodstalking program provides accountability and supportYou email us a report at the end of the day and the next morning we’ll offer friendly feedback and a daily challenge.Lauren is offering Foodstalking twice during the month of April. Start dates are 4/6 and 4/20. Email info@foodtrainers.com for more information.

In addition to Foodstalking, Lauren has switched to solely phone sessions for the time being and has begun meeting with existing clients this week.


We truly miss being there for you when you are running low on your Chill Pills or looking to try our new B-complex formula, aptly named B-sane. There is an awesome platform we have access to called Fullscript. This allows us to share specific recommendations of vitamins and supplements we love for you to purchase at a discounted price. Email us at info@foodtrainers.com if you’re looking for some specifics (immunity, mood-boosting, sleep) but don’t know where to start.

If you want more Foodtrainers, listen to episodes of the Foodtrainers’ podcast or follow us on Instagram. We’re all in this together.


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