This weekly show from NYC-based registered dietitians Carolyn Brown and Lauren Slayton provides real-life solutions to your wellness questions, while keeping things light and fun. In under 30 minutes, this show will provide you with nutrition info you haven’t heard and help you feel your absolute best.


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31. Nutrition is Blind | with Jena Kingsley

Jena Kingsley is a writer, comic, and lover of dysfunctional things. We’re going to talk about fun things like coronavirus, the Goop Netflix show (we all have thoughts), and being new to the health game. The Beginner’s Mind It’s fun talking to someone who doesn’t know...

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30. All About Self-Care

Let’s talk, for lack of a better term, about self-care. Even if we have issues with the term, the purpose is completely legit. Self-care is any activity that we do deliberately in order to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health. It refuels us rather...

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29. Our Thoughts on the Game Changers Movie & Plant-Based Diets

There are so many things that we should all be doing on a healthy diet, regardless of its restrictions. There’s so much overlap in a healthy vegan diet, omnivorous, and a gluten-free diet. We’re going to give some comments on The Game Changers movie and vegan diets in...

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28. Healthy Travel

Where do food and travel intersect? Today we’re going to break down all the ways travel can be a challenge for your eating, and a challenge for your body, and provide solutions for all your potential woes. We’ll also explain how we plan nutrition for trips for our...

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27. The 3 Most Important Blood Work Tests to Get

There is a lot of confusion around getting blood work. What tests should you get, what results are you looking for, and how often should you be getting tested? We’re going to discuss the 3 most important tests to get in your blood work.    Even if you are in your...

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26. 10 Steps to End Food Guilt

If you want to transform your relationship with food, it needs to be done through positivity. This is where food guilt can really hang us up.   So what is food guilt? We all have thoughts that stem from guilt around food. When we are aware of how unhealthy...

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25. Lunch

We did a breakfast episode (back in episode 13), but we’ve never talked lunch! Today we’re going to lay out all the do’s and don’ts for a healthy lunch. Most people believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but we actually believe that lunch is the...

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24. The Eating Habits of Adele, Tim Mcgraw, & Tracey Anderson

Celebrity weight loss isn’t something we spend much time thinking about, but it is something we get asked about often. It makes for a good excuse to brush up on what the details are. There is just something about a transformation that is captivating. When someone...

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23. Dos and Don’ts to Decrease Anxiety

When setting goals with our Foodtrainers clients, we have heard a lot of interest in mental health. Today, we’re going to talk about anxiety. It’s a huge topic, and we will discuss it more from the vantage point of a nutritionist than a mental health expert, but that...

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22. 10 Steps to Resolution Success

New year, new you? If you’ve failed at keeping your NYE resolutions three years (or more!) in a row, check out this episode. We’re revealing our 10 best tips to creating resolutions that you’ll actually achieve. We’re also launching our listener Q&A, where we’ll...

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21. Podcast Update

You might have noticed that we haven’t done an episode since Episode 20. We’ll be back in January with Season 2. We’re going to add a Q&A segment so if you have any questions about nutrition or products, follow @foodtrainers and @shopfoodtrainers on Instagram and...

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20. Holidays

Last week we talked about sugar and Halloween and, not to jump the Thanksgiving gun too much, but today we wanted to talk all things holiday. Where people can go wrong is that they can try to impose their day to day routine at an atypical time. This episode is all...

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