I could never be a wellness expert without one-on-one nutrition sessions. In these sessions, I hear what clients are curious about and also what concerns them. At certain times of the year, we could all pretty much have one group session, as the subject matter is so similar. Yesterday, everyone had the long weekend and summer on their minds. In most of my sessions, I heard some version of “summer makes me nervous” or “I don’t want to lose control over the summer.”  And while I’m big on quelling fear, I kind of have to say, “be nervous”.

Summer is the most difficult time to be healthy or lose weight. I’ll explain

Summer is a sugar fest– watermelon, cherries, rose’, corn, tomatoes. You think (and I get it) “yum” and I think sugar.
Summer is more conducive to exercise– if you’re a “I’m so much better with my workouts in the summer” type of person. That’s great for endorphins and we’re big fans of outside activity BUT find me a person who isn’t famished when doing 6 spin classes a week or running many extra miles, seriously fine me 1!
Summer days are long– aren’t longer days the best? Nothing is more depressing, for me, than leaving my office at 7, when it’s pitch black. But you know what’s also depressing? Looking at client food journals and seeing their al fresco meals at 9:30pm.
Summer is one long, 3-month weekend many of our clients cut out early on summer Fridays, some even leave for the weekend Thursday night. Some leave town Memorial Day- Labor Day. S0, pretty much every day is a weekend day. Sounds delightful, right?
You tell me, how many of you eat better on the weekends?

There’s something about summer that relaxes us. There’s travel, maybe beach time and just less of a grind. All of these things bring a smile to my face. But they’re also sneaky sabotagers when it comes to your wellness.

None of this is meant to be a buzzkill, I’d just love your radar to go up. And I have suggestions too:

  1. Savory Day– we have little challenges we suggest to Foodtrainers’ clients. Over the summer, try our Savory Day. One day a week, pre or post weekend, skip ALL things sweet (see above) for 24 hours. This is a great reset.
  2. Curb that cardio– I love to run, maybe you like to bike or swim but you don’t need double-header spin classes or to basically go to summer camp, as an adult. Go for a leisurely swim, a beach walk, be as active as you want but tons of high-impact cardio? I told you so.
  3. Delay your day- dinners later in the summer? Well, you’ve probably heard that when you eat matters. You need to keep your eating to 12 hours max. So, dinner at 9pm, breakfast should be at 9am, earliest. Start your day later, as well.
  4. Use Rituals as Reminders- summer is unpredictable and less routine. Both of those qualities work against wellness or weight loss. Create wellness rituals, we love ACV (apple cider vinegar) and cinnamon in the morning to help with blood sugar and appetite. A great end of day “secret weapon” is Calm as magnesium helps your metabolism (and exercise depletes your magnesium). These are just suggestions but think about how you can start and end your day, in the same manner. And although they’re fine coffee in the AM and cocktails to the day are not the rituals I have in mind.

Enjoy the long weekend and if you need Foodstalking or a phone session to help you manage summer, I’m here. Well, this weekend I’m not here because I’ll going “away”. You can find me at Soccerplex in Maryland, please don’t be too jealous, I know I live an exciting life.


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