We’re back! Our third podcast episode is now available on Apple Podcasts & Spotify. In it, we’re talking all about omega 3’s and wild fish, and all the things we learned in Alaska! (Oh yeah, we want to Alaska for work, ICYMI.)

In this episode we discuss:

↠ how much fish you should be eating a week
↠ the deal with mercury & pcb’s in wild Alaskan salmon
↠ if you should be taking an omega 3, why, brands & how many mg’s.
↠ the research & benefits of omega 3s on weight, hormones, fertility, mood, skin & more
↠ why, from an eating animals standpoint, wild salmon may be the most natural & sustainable to eat 🎣
↠ why you should get your butt to Alaska!!

In case you missed our launch, here’s Episode 1: 10 nutrition myths, and Episode 2: our response to the “smash the wellness industry” article. 

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