Starbucks new plant-based sugar bomb

My inbox was buzzing with Starbucks news. Starbucks, it seems, launched blended plant-based, protein, coffee drinks. I have yet to try these drinks, for reasons enumerated below, but I hear they are a blend of coffee, rice and pea proteins and nut milk. One flavor...

Cinnamon on CBS

I’m spice obsessed and talked about cinnamon’s super powers with CBS. Cinnamon can reduce your appetite and balance blood sugar levels. It’s an immune booster. I was mainlining cinnamon with my family sick last week (I didn’t get sick,...

Coveted Condiments

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Sue (now Susan but that’s another story) picked me up in her car. She had come in from Connecticut and we were headed to a reception for a high school teacher who was retiring. All I can say is times have changed since high school....


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