Starbucks new plant-based sugar bomb

My inbox was buzzing with Starbucks news. Starbucks, it seems, launched blended plant-based, protein, coffee drinks. I have yet to try these drinks, for reasons enumerated below, but I hear they are a blend of coffee, rice and pea proteins and nut milk. One flavor...

How to Make the Perfect Smoothie

I have been a smoothie lover for a long time. My smoothie love started with Angel Food Cake at Smoothie King in New Orleans, when I was in college (don’t judge, it was better than froyo). It was a strawberry, banana mixture with a little vanilla. I’m not really sure...

Top 10 tips from PaleoFx

Carolyn and I just got back from Austin where we checked out the Paleofx conference, for the first time. Carolyn had been before but I also checked out Austin for the first time. I can’t say which was the bigger draw for me but we enjoyed both. While it’s fresh...


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