What we read, watched, cooked (this weekend)

You may have noticed we’ve blogged more frequently lately. By “lately”, we mean the last week, that counts- right? We’re excited to put more energy into the Foodtrainers’ blog. With that, we have a new feature. For a while, we’ve toyed with doing some sort of a weekly...

Which Superfoods are Worth Your While?

 Nobody likes to myth bust more than I do. And so, when I recently spoke to Domino magazine about superfoods (and affordable substitutes) I was ready to offer full-on snark. However, as I reviewed each item on the list, I was reminded that many of these foods are...

Rethinking Skim Milk

I went to college when “fat free” was all the rage.  Snackwells, skim milk and fro-yo were in. Avocado was out. As absurd as it sounds to recount this now, it’s even funnier to think that I was in New Orleans, land of beignets and muffaletas. Little did I know...


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