Body Bucket List

Back in January, a friend forwarded me one of those chain emails.  While I delete most of these poems and puzzles, there is one type I like or am a sucker for. I like the questionnaires that asks crucial questions such as “coffee or tea?” or “best meal you’ve...

Are you an underachiever?

I know, here we are not even a week into this full-of-potential New Year and I come out with a bummer title like that. I’m not here to burst your motivated bubble; my intentions are good. You see, I was in a session on Monday with a client I’ve known for some time. We...

In Defense of Resolutions

I feel badly for resolutions. It seems there’s a counter-resolution movement going on. Members of this movement claim resolutions don’t work, people set unrealistic resolutions and that by February any resolutions made on New Years have fizzled along with the...


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