How our advice differs for men

In today’s podcast we’re talking all things male. We do our fare share talking about PMS and such, so it’s the guys turn to take center stage. It’s not only that men tend to lose weight faster (they do) but also that we seek out experts...

Yup, I’m one of “those parents” too

Yesterday, I got into it with one of my sons. And when I say, “got into it” I mean we exchanged antagonistic texts. I was riding him about a commitment and my expectations. I had a point but he’s a good kid. He does well in school, he’s polite and generally upbeat...

We’re all fucked up and that’s ok

I love the book/ platform I Quit Sugar*. Sarah Wilson, who wrote the books, has built quite a brand. I don’t know Sarah personally (I guest posted for them when my book came out) but she always seemed like a badass with a great sense of humor. She bikes to work, in...


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