Today we’re answering FAQs about Foodtrainers. We’ve been fielding so many questions about our process and programs and what makes working with us a little bit different from other nutritionists. 

Who are our clients?

We do see men but ¾ of our clients are women. Our youngest clients are 13 (we only see parents for families with younger kids). Our most senior clients are close to 90.


Why do clients come to us?

Most of our clients do come in initially for weight loss. But this process is about so much more than just about weight. You can’t talk about food on a deep level without talking about other things and our sessions are about so much more than what you’re eating – we jokingly call it food therapy. Clients also come to us for help with:

  • Digestion
  • Energy
  • Sleep
  • Mood
  • Hormone imbalances 
  • Headaches
  • Autoimmune issues
  • GI issues
  • Getting off of prescription meds
  • Emotional eating
  • Diabetes
  • Low immunity


What happens when clients come to Foodtrainers?

After a 90 minute initial meeting you leave with a completely customized food plan. We cover any conditions family members might have and what steps you could take with food and wellness to address them. We also talk about what you’ve done in the past, about when you remember feeling your best and what was the food environment like growing up. So much of what we do, even as adults, was learned from our own family dynamic, especially surrounding food.


Usually we have some sort of data collection like tracking your steps, cocktails or hours of sleep. We look at what you could be consuming more of, whether it’s water, vegetables, fermented foods or protein. We also recommend supplements and secret weapons and weigh clients so we have a baseline.


Clients go home with a Foodtrainers’ Daily Deeds Food Log (available in our shop). Also any snacks and starter supplements that we’ve picked out together.


After the first few sessions, we will come up with a more comprehensive customized supplement regimen. And a lot of times we like to have labs done to see what’s really happening with Vitamin D, your hormones, blood sugar and cholesterol. We’ll give you a list of recommended tests to take to your doctor. After the initial meeting we really like to see new clients every week or so for the first eight weeks because we find accountability is one of the most important ingredients.


We try to make things fun and gamify things. So we have sticker rewards for clients, depending on what they did well. We also have one day challenges, for example skip anything sweet for a day. The more you can take the dread and seriousness out of nutrition and weight loss, the more success you’re going to have.


Carolyn’s news

Lastly, we have some news. Carolyn’s time in New York City is winding down and with that, after nine incredible years, she will be leaving Foodtrainers at the end of October. She’s been wanting to live somewhere more nature-infused so is heading to Denver for a few months then she’ll take some time to think about where she’s going next. But it’s not goodbye yet. We still have a few more episodes of the season to finish out.




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