We are constantly trying to learn more from the “Blue Zone” areas of the world – or regions that have an unusually high longevity rate. As more research is done, it’s appearing that a component known as polyphenols may be a large contributor to that longevity. Polyphenols are a natural chemical found in plants, herbs, spices, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and some drinks derived from these. They are prebiotics and contribute to your gut bacteria. 

Several studies collectively suggest that the intake of polyphenols may exert beneficial effects on improving insulin resistance, inflammation, and oxidative stress. They are the most abundant antioxidants in the diet, and their intake has been associated with a reduced aging in humans.

It’s easy to think of nutrition or dietary changes as a process of addition or subtraction – but, many times, cutting out foods isn’t even necessary if you are able to counter it with a good amount of the right stuff. We’re going to talk about what foods contain polyphenols as well as how to get a good balance of them in your diet.

Purple Brain Smoothie

This smoothie is jam-packed with secret weapons, our first goal in any smoothie recipe. It’s also delicious. Wild blueberries are lower in sugar than regular blueberries.

What you’ll need:

o   1 cup wild blueberries (these are sold frozen)

o   1 scoop collagen protein*

o   4oz unsweetened Milkadamia (or any unsweetened nut milk)

o   4oz plain, no sugar added coconut yogurt (1 Cocojune works perfectly)

o   ¼ tsp matcha powder* (or more depending on level of matcha love, ¼ tsp you don’t taste it at all)

o   ¼ tsp vanilla (Singing Dog, on amazon, is our brand of choice)

o   10 drops Nustevia*

o   Teeny pinch of kosher salt

What to do:

  1.     Add nondairy milk, followed by other ingredients to a high-powered blender.
  2.     Enjoy your pretty purple shake

*= available for purchase at www.foodtrainers.com/shop

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