Today’s episode is all about tea. We are fascinated by rituals and habits, and tea just feels right at home in our daily lives as a way to provide comfort and warmth. It can also be a great replacement ritual—we prefer substitution to abstinence in most cases, and tea fills that role perfectly.

Loose-leaf tea is typically higher quality than tea bags. Many people find loose tea a pain or don’t know what to do with it, but it’s worth learning and experimenting with. Once you figure out a brewing method that works for you, it can be just as easy and natural as tea bags but with much better flavoring and health benefits.

Yerba Mate

There’s a tea—or more accurately a plant—called yerba mate that increases what’s known as GLP-1. Yerba mate may increase leptin, the “you’ve had enough” satisfaction hormone. Even though the studies are preliminary, it’s encouraging. Additionally, two other things to potentially increase GLP-1 are protein and probiotics, so you’re not out of options if you aren’t down with tea. Many use yerba mate for its cognitive benefits as a nootropic, so the benefits are potentially far-reaching.

Other favorite teas

Green tea is a common variety brought up when talking about health benefits and supplementation. It’s a high polyphenol drink that can help with weight loss and acts as a probiotic. Dandelion, while not a great taste on its own, can be mixed with other herbs and flavors to create a great detox tea that helps you shed water and reduce bloating. Spearmint tea, on the other hand, is delicious and can act as a hormone balancer.

Each of us has to find the right combination of flavors, recipes, rituals, and times of day that work best for us. It’s a process to try and see what works for you. Just consider making tea a part of your day—because the health benefits could be worth it.

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