Today we’re discussing histamine intolerance, a condition that can cause mysterious migraines, skin reactions, and GI issues. This isn’t the same as hay fever, and it may sound unfamiliar, but many people will recognize the symptoms. We’ll cover what it is, what causes it, and what you can do about it.

So what is it? Histamine intolerance, abbreviated HIT, is a type of food intolerance that causes undesirable reactions from accumulated or ingested histamines. It’s not as severe as an allergy, but it can cause symptoms like hives, headaches, and runny nose. The problem is a lack of the enzyme DAO, which breaks down histamine. This is similar to lactose intolerance, where a lack of lactase causes symptoms. Certain foods can trigger HIT, but don’t worry — it can be managed without a permanent ban on those foods.

Some remedies to reduce histamine reactions include taking B6 or a B complex vitamin, nettle, and NAC. Histamine Block by Seeking Health is a helpful capsule to take with meals when having high histamine foods or drinks. It contains vitamin C, quercetin, and DAO. Selenium found in Brazil nuts can also help with estrogen detox. It is recommended to decrease or temporarily eliminate high histamine foods and test them out to see if symptoms go away. Vitamin C, quercetin, and NAC are also helpful supplements. However, some probiotic strains may exacerbate histamine reactions while others can help. Stress management is also important as it can exacerbate histamine reactions.

We hope this helps you understand histamine intolerance and recognize whether it’s something that impacts you.

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