We’re so sorry if you’ve been out of your Chill Pills, CBD or Sweet Dreams, at a time like this.

And though we’re lighthearted in our communication, in no way do we want to seem tone-deaf to everything that’s going on that’s scary and sad. But our Foodtrainers’ Shopkeeper Kayleen is shipping out products again. Last week, she caught up on orders placed, early in quarantine, and now she’s masked, sanitized, and in the office once per week to get your favorite products out.

And this week, we will be donating a portion of the sales from each order to the Know Your Rights Camp Legal Defense Initiative in Minneapolis.

If you’re super stressed (and we pretty much all are) we’ve got

Chill Pills – Magnesium has many important functions from hormone balance to metabolism and is depleted when you are stressed.
Natural Calm – if you’re working on after-dinner snacking, try this watermelon-flavored powdered Magnesium as a replacement behavior. Add hot water, turn your screens off and let it do its magic.
Cacao – this chocolatey powder can reduce your appetite and majorly boost your mood. Add it to smoothies, coffee, or yogurt.

If you need to debloat we’ve got

Dandelion Bitters – but we only have a couple bottles of our bestselling debloater.
Digestive Enzymes – when your body is under steady stress, digestion can take a big hit. If you’ve been bloated or gassy, have one of these enzymes with each meal. And maybe download the Headspace or Calm app, to curb that stress.
ACV – one of our favorite morning rituals. Add a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar to a glass of water. If you have them, add dandelion drops too.

If you need some healthy snacks we’ve got

East Hampton Crispbreads – back by popular (though slightly pushy) demand these crispy, crunchy, gluten-free creations in Sesame Pink Salt or Turmeric Nigella are a perfect snack addition.
Jerky – these turkey pepperoni sticks are Lauren’s favorite and also a go-to for many of her clients.
Nuts (AlmondsWalnutsBrazil Nuts) – maple or turmeric walnuts? Brazil nuts our secret weapon for thyroid health? Or salty-sweet almonds? If you’ve been having boring nuts, let’s upgrade.
Please be patient, we’re receiving a ton of orders and USPS is a little slower these days. Thank you for your support and enthusiasm. We’re truly grateful.

Lauren and Kayleen


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