This weekly show from NYC-based registered dietitians Carolyn Brown and Lauren Slayton provides real-life solutions to your wellness questions, while keeping things light and fun. In under 30 minutes, this show will provide you with nutrition info you haven’t heard and help you feel your absolute best.


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11. 5 Ways To Feel Better Fast

It's September, that time of year where we get frantic customer emails from people who have overdone it over summer. So today we wanted to share five ways to feel better fast. Tip one would be to name two things you can cut out temporarily. For example, sugar, booze,...

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10. Eat Fat, Lose Fat

Today we're talking about why you should be eating more fat, how much fat to eat, what we consider the best fats to add to your diet, and the fats that you should divorce immediately. Basically if you're still using skim milk or anything labeled fat-free, we would...

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9. Exercise FAQs

Today we are talking about exercise. We are not exercise experts, so if clients ask us in depth exercise questions, we're the first to say that is completely out of our domain. We also have to say that we have seen some of the craziest food plans from personal...

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8. Vitamins 101

We see one of two things with new clients and vitamins. Either people have a long list of supplements and they don't have any idea why they're taking some of them. They just keep adding and adding, based on articles or doctors or recommendations. Or people have no...

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7. We All Have Body Image Issues

Today we are talking all things body image, which mostly translates to body angst if we’re being honest. We wanted to talk about it after a Foodtrainers client who is approaching a milestone birthday emailed us to say she finds it depressing that she hasn’t been happy...

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6. Unpacking Snacking

We are huge snack advocates. The only time you can successfully get away with not snacking is if your eating is really condensed, like intermittent fasting. But for most people, there's a big gap between when you have your lunch and when you have dinner after work, so...

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5. De-bloat & Poop 🙂

This episode came about because we thought that you could benefit from some of our solutions for debloating and pooping. With summer socializing and travel, your digestion can really take a hit, causing bloating. We talk about the best ways to get rid of extra fluid...

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4. Alcohol 101: Eat, Drink, & Be Healthy

We always get a lot of questions about alcohol. We of course love everything healthy, but we also love having fun – especially in the Summer! You don’t have to lock yourself inside the house or avoid social gatherings just to meet your health goals when all of your...

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2. Our Response to “Smash the Wellness Industry”

There was recently an opinion piece published in the New York Times titled “Smash the Wellness Industry” that was sent to us, oh... 50 times? It clearly struck a chord, even with people who aren’t as embedded in the wellness industry as some of us. So, we wanted to...

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1. Busting the Top 10 Nutrition Myths

Hello, new friends, and welcome to The Foodtrainers Podcast! We are Lauren Slayton and Carolyn Brown, two NYC-based registered dieticians and the boss babes in charge of Foodtrainers! Foodtrainers has been around since 2001, helping thousands of busy and motivated...

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