In today’s episode, we’re serving up a healthy dose of knowledge about the top five supplements we believe everyone should be taking for optimal health. Now, remember, while we’re passionate about these supplements, we want to stress the importance of consulting with your healthcare provider before introducing anything new into your regimen.

Today’s featured supplements are all available from our private label store. Head over to for convenient access to all these health-boosting options.

  1. Vitamin D (D3): We cannot stress enough the power of this sunshine vitamin! Kickstart your day by taking it in the morning with food. Not only is it a champion for bone health, mood regulation, and immune system function, but it also plays a vital role in fertility and even reducing cancer risk.
  2. B Vitamins: Say goodbye to hormonal imbalance and energy dips with your morning dose of B vitamins (preferably with food). Do you use birth control pills or enjoy a drink or two? Be aware, they can deplete these vital nutrients. Don’t forget that B vitamins, especially folate and B12, also play a role in reducing cancer risk associated with drinking.
  3. Probiotics: Meet ‘Gutsy’, our champion for gut health! Remember that your gut health is crucial for serotonin production and overall mood. Also, if you’ve recently used antibiotics, it’s time to replenish your gut flora. We’re big on prebiotic-rich foods – hello, asparagus, jicama, green bananas, and garlic! There’s so much to learn about the various strains of probiotics and how they cater to individual needs.
  4. Omega-3s: You might have heard of the amazing benefits of Omega-3s from Robert Lustig’s book “Metabolical”. We’re backing it for its role in reducing depression, inflammation, Alzheimer’s risk, promoting heart health, and aiding weight loss.
  5. Magnesium: Here’s your key to absorbing Vitamin D. We’re partial to three types: Magnesium Glycinate (most relaxing), Magnesium Citrate (our “Chill Pills”), and Magnesium Oxide (aka “Number Two Pills”). Each serves different functions, so you can tailor them to your specific needs. Remember, despite its presence in foods like leafy greens and beans, we believe that magnesium supplements act as a necessary “insurance policy” due to soil depletion affecting the nutrient levels in these foods.

As always, we’ve included tidbits from our personal experiences and insights from research to help you make informed choices. Remember to tune into your body’s needs and adjust your intake accordingly.

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