I had one of those “what day is today?” moments when I woke up. It soon sunk in that it’s Monday and the weekend is over which makes me a little sad.  As long as I’m complaining, I’m also tired. We were in Montreal for the 4th (so patriotic I know) but it’s not always about going away, relaxing can leave you just wanting to relax more. And then there’s that feeling, you know it I’m sure, “uh oh I need to undo some of what was done this weekend.”
I only speak menu or “food” French 
Before you get all “I didn’t eat ________” on me this weekend. I ate well too. There was lots of seafood and green juice and salad. My Fitbit was happy with 15-20,000 steps a day (love this about vacation) but there were also lots of meals out and cocktails so here we are. Forget the cleanse or emergency boot camp- instead try these five ways to feel better today:
Stay home tonight (and tomorrow too). Before we get all technical with this debloating you simply need to spend less time with salt. Takeout and restaurant meals make this impossible. Cooking is key but “cook” can mean scrambling eggs or making a smoothie. If you’re saying “I should be able to go out and feel good” you can just not today.
Pursue Probitoics Is your tummy telling you something? Something not so good?
Pop your probiotic supplement and also consider my favorite Sunbiotic nuts (who says atonement needs to be miserable?) or cayenne kombucha or good old ACV (apple cider vinegar), do you own it? OK go take a tsp. If you’re in NYC we can send over probiotic goodness and Fairway has these healthade drinks. 
Speaking of Drinks, Drink – your magic number is 10 cups of water a day. I like a visual and finds it helps to fill a pitcher and put it on your desk (tweet me @Foodtrainers a water photo for extra credit) or be that person who carries a water bottle with you for today. If you’re thinking you need something more than just water try this.
Makes You-Pee Tea (from the Little Book of Thin)
Ingredients are for 1-cup increase if you’re making a pitcher
1 Tbs Minced parsley and stems
½ tsp fennel seeds
2-3 slivers fresh ginger or fresh turmeric
Cover these ingredients with hot water, steep 10 minutes. Chill to make an iced version.
Consider quinoa (or consider grainlessness).  Quinoa has potassium that helps you lose some of that sodium. So ½ cup of quinoa is “kosher for debloating” but bread (sprouted or not), rice, cereal (a whole other conversation), corn etc. are not for today.
Have a Green day – all meals and snacks need to have something green in them today. Green juices, dark green salads, crudité- you remember green, right?
How was your weekend? How are you feeling today? Which of these steps will you take? Check in with me tonight, it’ll be better I promise it’s amazing what 24 hours “back” can do.


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