When we’re talking about what we put into our bodies, there’s one thing that gets lost in the discussion between fats and carbs and keto, and that’s protein. Not getting enough protein is one of the things that can begin to impede weight loss, especially as you get older. And even if weight loss isn’t your goal, the same advice applies to healthy aging.

Plants are critical to our health—we’ve said before that it’s a good guideline to have half your plate be veggie-based. But whether you’re plant based or keto or any other specialty diet, you need to look at where the gaps are and make sure you’re getting the necessary nutrients.

Amino Acids

There are nine essential amino acids that aid our bodies in building muscle. Part of what makes them essential is that our bodies don’t naturally produce them—we have to get them through our diet. They help with metabolism, slow down muscle loss, and change our body composition. Many plant-based foods are lower in these essential amino acids.

Protein and Hormones

One of proteins biggest strengths, besides helping your body to become stronger, is how it affects your hormones. It impacts the hunger hormones by keeping you full and decreasing cravings better than almost anything else. This means eating a high-protein breakfast can positively impact all your food choices throughout the day.

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