We had our first taste of summer yesterday with 80-degree weather in NYC. We also sent our April newsletter featuring some new Foodtrainers’ favorite products. Snickerdoodle almond butter sound interesting?
In the newsletter, we announced our May Pre-Summer Squeeze Program
These programs have been an unexpected hit. We pride ourselves on providing reasonable, doable, livable advice. What we’ve found is that while that works week in and week out there is a time for a push. And there has to be something better than a juice cleanse. After our most recent program, we asked participants for words to describe how they felt. They said:
“virtuous, healthy and slim”
“disciplined, energized, proud”
“in control, leaner and lighter”
“empowered, more in tune with myself”
“back on track”
“much, much better”
We are offering two 10-day Squeeze sessions this May. You don’t have to be in NYC as it’s all email based
May 9th -18th Carolyn will Squeeze you
May 16th-24th Lauren will Squeeze you
If you’d like a jump-start before summer or need to add some newness to your routine, let’s Squeeze. Email info@foodtrainers.net with subject line “Squeeze me” for more information.
What are 3 words to describe how you feel right now? 


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