I am a sucker for packaging. I buy wine based on the label and my favorite skincare has a clean modern design. Ultimately though, if it isn’t good wine or there aren’t good ingredients in a food or cosmetic, I will not purchase it but I like pretty things. In full disclosure I will tell you that I received an email last Friday from Paige at Herbal Water. I’ve loved these interestingly flavored water for a while. They have no sweeteners or juice added and instead use natural flavors like lemongrass and cardamom. My only objection to these drinks was the container…plastic. Paige told me they were sending me out some of the new sparkling waters to try.
When I arrived at work on Monday, the packages from Herbal Water were already there. I opened the box of sparkling water and my excitement intensified. They were beautiful frosted, large, GLASS bottles. The labels were in bright colors and the flavors, Ginger Lemon Peel and Cinnamon Orange, were right up my alley. I put them in the refrigerator and then realized I didn’t have much time before my first client arrived. Into the freezer went Ginger Lemon Peel with a little worry that the bubbles would make it explode. It didn’t explode and with the enthusiasm of a 3 year old I poured a glass of my new sparling water. I also left the bottle on my desk to show it off.
It isn’t easy to get giddy about water but this water feels special. They have a lot of flavor (think lemon zest not lemon). They could easily work as a hostess gift. They’re also great for pregnant women who cannot have “real” drinks and just fun for a change of pace. Is it non-nutritionisty that I also wonder how these zero calorie mixers will work in drink drinks?  I hope not.
Do you fall prey to pretty packaging? What are you favorite water variations? Are you sparkling or “flat”?
*Be sure to comment there’s a sampler of Herbal Water we’re giving away to someone who does and here’s a coupon ($12 off) in case you do not win.


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