Lauren posted all about our Expo West Experience, but she left out our “adventure” getting there.
Here’s a travel day follow up, because there are always things (monsoons, traffic, room reservations gone missing) that throw off the best laid plans.
Foodtrainers’ LA picks:
Pre-Flight breakfast:
As predicted, we omeletted it up with veggies and hot sauce (greens instead of toast), and tons of coffee. Lauren whipped out pre-flight probiotic coconut shots and I drank a liter ++ of water (thank god for aisle seats).
We had our nutcases, filled with living organic sprouted pecans, while plotting our Pre-Summer Squeeze Program. get excited.
Post-flight lunch:
Heaven is Gjelina in Santa Monica. Lauren and I could have spent all day there tasting — and sipping — but the winners were the tuna conserva over arugula (almost Nicoise but better), and the asparagus with crispy sunny side egg.
Bulletproof shop:
We were full but had to make a pit stop at the Bulletproof mecca. While the café isn’t anything too exciting, we went for small bulletproof coffees and were all caffeinated for our 3 hours in traffic (not still annoyed, or anything).
Moon juice:
You know we love our moon juice dusts so we were excited to see what was in store at their home base. We saved our purchases for breakfast pre-expo – Lauren raved about her Fennel, Frond & Herb (Fennel, Cucumber, Green Apple, Basil), the Golden Milk was delicious too.
Packing House:
We found the one “cool” spot in Anaheim near the expo and while food was forgettable, the spicy margaritas hit the spot. We have to end a travel day with tequila; it’s a Foodtrainers rule.
So that’s our travel day recap, what are your fave LA spots?


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