We’re mid-long-weekend, and here is what we’re up to.

(celery margarita at the Slaytons)


Read: The NY Times article on plastics – important and also tough to do / hello 10 plastic containers from family sushi delivery. I also read the 40-ish book, On Being 40-Ish, I really liked collection.

Ate: I’m juicing again. I can’t stop. I’m making a big batch each day and maybe a celery marg with leftovers (long weekend!).

Watched: my family is starting to worry with my true crime interest. I watched BTK killer, and if you’re crime- obsessed, listen to the dropout podcast.


Read: One Day In December, ok it felt like a beach read on my couch which was a welcome feeling.

Ate: Whipped up a “hot chocolate” made with MUDWTR, MoodBeli’s Bliss Booster, and Big Heart Tea Co’s Sunshine Dust. Also, my friends just opened a beautiful restaurant called Gran Tivoli in NoLita which is quickly becoming my new fave spot. They have gluten free seed rolls (yum) and tons of seafood on the menu. Lastly I threw together a fake homemade brunch (above) with a little help from Sweetgreen (miso bowl, no rice), Vital Farm’s hard boiled eggs, and Alexia sweet potato fries. My one real contribution was roasting up a can of chickpeas with olive oil and everything bagel seasoning for a little crunch.

Watched: Shoot i dont think i’ve turned on the TV in a while but next on my list is Free Solo. I also am listening to NY Times The Daily podcast on the daily.

What are you reading, eating, watching this week?


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