Last year (on 5/17 funny enough) I answered my college friend M’s plea for help with some Pre Beach Tips. It turns she wasn’t the only one in need of a “reducing routine” and the post was one of the post popular I’ve done.Rather than reposting last year’s advice I spruced things up for the 2011 version.
Let’s face it, clothing can camouflage. Tummy troubles? Enter the empire waist.  Large “hind quarters”, try a longer jacket. There are even dolman sleeves for untoned upper arms. Just about any part can be concealed or improved with the right outfit; you’ve seen the makeover shows you know what I mean. Memorial Day is on its way and soon many of us will be donning bathing suits for summer. While the magazines will tell you there’s a correct suit for your shape, they are pacifying you in the hopes that you buy them. The truth is there’s no secrecy in a swimsuit. Your shape is your shape and it will soon be out for everyone to see (sarongs only do so much). Cue the horror movie music.
Many of my clients roll their eyes at me when I talk wellness. They aren’t convinced they have to go to great lengths to improve their energy level. However, when I say the “s” word, reminding them swimsuit season is soon, they listen to what I have to say.
If you’re like them, here are 10 “scared skinny” swimsuit tips:

Pretend You are Brooklyn

Chances are, as you read this you aren’t actually Brooklyn Decker (of Sports Illustrated swimsuit fame). However, carry yourself as though you are.  In an interview, Helen Mirrin was asked, “what’s sexy”? Her answer “confidence.”  If you’ve seen her, in her 60’s, rock a bikini you know that’s the case. Confidence has nothing to do with size or age and if you aren’t bubbling over in “I am amazing-ness” no problem, fake it

Blast the Bloat

Sodium and potassium work in a balance. My favorite high-potassium de-bloaters are oranges, avocados, and cantaloupe. While these de-bloaters are easy to find, my “secret weapon” is Rodial tummy tuck sticks. They are rich in green clay, fennel seeds, and prebiotic fiber to help eliminate toxins and flatten bellies.
 Go Gluten free
While I don’t what to minimize the severity of Celiac disease, the majority of those on GF diets aren’t celiacs.  Some have GI issues, others dermatologic concerns improved by eliminating gluten. The reason some lose weight on GF regimes is simple, many foods with gluten aren’t healthy. Breads, muffins, cookies and cakes aren’t exactly ingredients for skinny jeans. I tell my clients bagels are not for thin people and it’s true. The reason every fad diet is l lower carb is simple, it works.
 Exit the Elliptical.
Ever seen a friend you haven’t seen in a while and they look great, amazing, lean and just different? When you ask how they did it or what they changed did they ever say they started to use the Precor? Or that they’ve been walking? Hold your emails and comments I am not saying these forms of exercise are useless. You want to raise your good cholesterol, ease your way into exercise, de-stress…that’s different. You want to feel less lumpy in a swimsuit, we need more. Run, spin, use the stair climber (looks like staircase), jump rope or whatever form of exercise you hate or feel is “too hard.” Do this 6 days a week (aren’t I nice?) for 45-60 minutes. Do it in your swimsuit for bonus points.

Make like Kate

In my opinion one of the best things about Osama’s exit was that we no longer had to hear about “the wedding”.  The Kate Middleton love fest was a little hard to handle: the dress, the poise, the love she and William share, enough!  Want to know Kate’s secret? Why she looked so elegant and regal? It’s her posture. Her posture is friggin’ perfect. Shoulders back, gut (especially for those of us who have one) sucked in and you’re instantly thinner.

Kick Cocktails to the Curb

What would a short-term goal be without some good old-fashioned sacrifice and self-deprivation? Skip the 3 Cs: Canned foods (soups, beans), Carbonated beverages (Diet Coke aka liquid nastiness included), and Cocktails until you feel prepped for the pool.
Done Toning? Try Tanning
We’re in the home stretch and there’s a chance all the cardio in the world isn’t going to “cure” us. There will still be some bumps and lumps but we know one thing for sure, as with ice cream- when it comes to beach bodies chocolate beats vanilla.  The Baywatch cast first showed us, now DWTS is continuing the tanning trend, try it and you’ll see.
Minimize Tush to Chair Time
Sure, you may go to the gym and that’s great- congratulations. Guess what? That doesn’t excuse you to sit for the rest of the day. When you’re on the phone? Walk and Talk. Watching TV? Perfect time for plank. At the computer? Standing beats sitting. Treat it like a game and visualize your tush taking up more and more space every time you sit, are you standing as you read this?

Work that Water 

      Researchers can debate the amount of water we need to drink for optimal health, but in the meantime, we’ll tell you how much H20 you need to look your best – a lot.We suggest 96 ounces daily of a combination of water with a cup or two of Teas Tea green tea, Zico coconut water, or Hint water mixed in for variety. It’s counterintuitive, but water helps you lose water. And if we’re dehydrated, sometimes we’re tempted to eat when we actually need to drink, so just drink up in the first place.
  Enlist a Foodtrainer

      I’ll help you enact these simple steps.  If you’re in NYC and need some accountability, you can find me here. You can also Tweet @Foodtrainers to let me know what you’re plan is to get slimmer for summer. And remember, this may be the perfect time to #TIDEI. (Tweet it don’t eat it).
What do you do to get bathing suit ready? Which tip above is the most helpful?  And at the beach are you a Helen Mirrin (full of confidence) or a cover-upper like me?


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