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This Detox Bundle (aka Feel Better Fast) contains three of our favorite debloaters offered together at a discount.

Never been bitter– start your day with these debloating bitters. This product contains debloating, dandelion root, ginger, turmeric (all organic) and more. Plus, unlike most products if this type, this formula has a citrusy flavor.

No 2 pills– as the name implies, these help you go. This is a bestseller for us, so we’re guessing many of you need help. I get it, I take this form of magnesium nightly. This isn’t senna or any habit forming laxative, it’s the healthiest way to get things going.

Detox Brew– this tea contains an array of delicious debloaters. One ingredient we love is nettle. Nettle is a debloater plus it’s helpful for balancing blood sugar levels and blood pressure. We coldbrew a batch in this handy bottle.

For a jumpstart or pre beach weekend, post holiday or vacation….

  1. First thing- we suggest 1-2 droppers of Never Been Bitter in filtered water
  2. After breakfast and after lunch- have a tall glass of Detox Brew (we use this or this) link to tea bottle and tea cup.
  3. After dinner/ before bed have 1 No 2 Pill, with your other evening supplements. You can increase to 2 No 2 the next day , should you need more No 2 help.

Repeat for 3-7 days or until happily debloated.

After this time, use these as needed.

We suggest grain free, sugar free and alcohol free with this bundle (or as close to this as you can muster). (let’s add a sentence like this to newsletter too bc bundle + bagels isn’t going to detox you.


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