Today, I’m leaving on a jet plan (so, according to J Denver you’re supposed to kiss me and smile for me). Carolyn brings you this post on water. You read about water, I’ll be staring at turquoise water and understand you may no longer me “smiling for me”.

 You’ve heard it a million times; tummy-rumbling hunger pangs are often thirst going incognito. And it’s true, a University of Washington study found that one glass of water put an end to late night hunger pangs for 100% of dieting participants.  Beyond satiety researchers have found that even being mildly dehydrated can cause a 3% drop in your metabolism.

For something that makes up ~70% of our bodies and 75% of our brains, water gets very little love. Instead, we waste it with 30 min showers (I’m guilty), pollute it and contaminate it with prescription drugs, birth control and antibiotics. Worst of all, we call water “boring”.
Compared to many other countries, our tap water is safe to drink. While your risk of getting dysentery is low, you may be guzzling down small doses of chemicals, carcinogens and even sex hormones – check out this EWG/NY Times project to find out what’s in your water. Freaky.
Water filters work to remove contaminants via carbon micro filters. They vary from your $15 Brita pitcher to fancy reverse osmosis systems. Reverse osmosis produces the cleanest water but also removes naturally occurring minerals. According to Consumer Reports, your “best buys” for filters are
Carafe: Clear20 ($15)
Faucet mounted: Culligan($15) or Pur ($30).
Reverse osmosis: Kinetico K5 ($1800… yikes)
We have Pur filters at home but love our office Ovopur (pictured above and not a snowman).

For on the go, Black + Blum has a new BPA-free water bottle plus filter. It comes with a stick of binchotan – an ancient Japanese charcoal that absorbs impurities while releasing minerals into water.  A WSJ article says “We binchotanized some New York tap water, and the difference in taste was drastic.”

Buying bottled water by the case isn’t necessarily the answer either; 49% of bottled waters are just tap water repackaged in bpa-leaching plastic bottles.  There are a few gems, one of our favorites is Mountain Valley Spring Water – glass bottles, no contaminants or leached chemicals, and it’s naturally more alkaline than most waters (pH = 7.8). Consuming alkaline foods and drinks benefits immunity, digestive issues and even your skin. MVSW has won best tasting water in the world  – and they are giving a reader the chance to try it – a combo case of still & sparkling.
To enter comment and tell us why you want to be entered and why water isn’t boring (show us your H20 love).
OR tweet “@Foodtrainers is giving away a case of @MtnValleyWater”
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Are you a good hydrator? Do you drink bottled water? Filter your water? Ever think about what’s in your water?


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