It’s certainly not feeling springy in NYC, so what better time for some spring break travel?
We may be oddballs but, when it comes to packing for a trip, we start with snacks and “secret weapons”. We’ll sacrifice not matching as long as we’re not hangry. Plus, whether at the airport, on the slopes or poolside what’s offered doesn’t compare to our well curated Foodtrainers’ stash. We bet you’ll agree.

A Week’s Worth Of Snacks

Remember the days of the week underwear? You know, those sets with each day of the week written on a separate pair? We hope you wouldn’t leave for a vacation with 1 pair of underwear (no need to tell us if, in fact, you would), so don’t fall short on snacks either.

We cherry-picked a snack a day plus 1 extra, in case you’re the sharing type.
Each Spring Break Snack Pack contains:

  • 3 Rx Bars
  • 1 All Good Provisions trail mix
  • 1 EatingEvolved dark chocolate caramel coconut cups
  • 1 Organic Living Superfoods cinnamon pecans
  • 1 Organic Living Superfoods salt + vinegar almonds
  • 1 Almond Nutterly cookies


Spring Break Secret Weapons

Travel, and we’re not talking the Instagram version of a trip, can be fraught with challenges.
We don’t call ourselves nutrition troubleshooters for nothin’, below you’ll find our travel trifecta.

Ila Cinnamon: aside from deliciousness, cinnamon has many other perks. When it comes to travel, we like to have a cinnamon stash as cinnamon is a natural appetite suppressant. We’d never stock any old cinnamon. The chicest cinnamon is definitely Ila. Here’s Lauren talking about those cinn-benefits on CBS.

Natural Calm: don’t leave home without these dual-purpose packets that help you go to sleep and “go”.

Sunbiotic Chocolate Probiotic Hearts: sure, popping a probiotic helps you fend off those “jet germs” but probiotics also squash sugar cravings. With these dark chocolate hearts, we know you will have no problem turning down those turndown sweets.

When you purchase our travel trifecta, we’ll include tips for using each secret weapon.

And don’t forget to reread Little Book of Thin’s Trimming your Travel Chapter to be sure you don’t come home with “wearable souvenirs” You know what we mean, they’ll be no California rolls or Telluride tummies. Happy travels!


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