Summer is pretty much one big food and beverage booby-trap. From the time you wake up caloric coffee concoctions and super sweet smoothies call your name. Later in the day, friends, having been confined to offices and apartments for months, want to go to lunch and meet for a drink. And that’s during the week; the weekend has pool parties and bacchanalian barbeques to contend with. If you feel the weight loss deck is stacked against you, you’re correct, it is.
And we’re not that rigid. Of course there are times where partaking is the way to go but you can’t have the extra glass of wine and dessert every summer night, can you? We’re introducing something to keep you accountable whether you’re in Sag Harbor or Sardinia. It’s called Tweet It So You Don’t Eat it. Here’s what to do:

1. Sign up for twitter if you haven’t already.

2. You can access twitter from your Blackberry or iPhone.

3. When you’re tempted to stray from health eating tweet us by writing @Foodtrainers. Here are some examples

@Foodtrainers, does one have to have frozen margaritas at a Mexican restaurant #TIDEI

@Foodtrainers, I am in London surrounded by fish and chips trying to resist #TIDEI

@Foodtrainers, my kids are at the ice cream truck I am trying to scream “no” ice cream #TIDEI
You get the idea
Use the pound sign (in twitter-speak called a hash tag) and TIDEI. TIDEI stands for Tweet It Don’t Eat It. Once up and running you can search on #TIDEI and see what food or drinks others are passing up. You’ll have the accountability of calling yourself out. We’ll be able to see it, tweet you back and offer some encouraging works. Try it. You may find it sort of fun and be sure to tell your friends about it.
*The person who tweets @Foodtrainers using #TIDEI or comments on the blog the most in the next month will win a free Foodtraining or Market Foodtraining session.
Like the idea? Let us know and TIDEI, ok?


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