Good Morning! Hopefully, you received our Foodtrainers’ Gift Guide. If you didn’t, you really should check it out. We’ve got CBD gumdrops, gorgeous healthy “Reeses” like chocolate and the tastiest tea. Sure, you can snag gifts for others but don’t forget to gift yourself.

And here’s another edition of what we ate/watched/read this weekend.


Ate: Lauren and I have both been having a CBD gumdrop a day. It keeps bedtime jitters away. I’ve also been loving some of our Squeeze recipes, the meatballs are my fave.

Watched: I watched one of my best friends walk down the aisle. No time for TV but I love a good Christmas movie.

Read: I was gifted ‘the prophet’ recently and finally read cover to cover in a sitting. And Cleo Wade’s Heart Talk! Super sweet little book to gift, in case you need something in addition to our gift guide.


Ate: I had my beloved Kiss yogurt, I have 1 a week and savor every bite. Saturday night I had yummy grilled octopus at Waverly Inn.

Watched: I watched Shark tank, haven’t watched in a while. I’m curious about Mother apple cider vinegar drinks. I also watched a Netflix documentary on Hoarding, if you need incentive to purge/organize, check it out.

Read: I’m on a run of books that I cannot get into, hate that. I started Anonymous Girl, a thriller form the authors of The Wife Between Us. Everyone said it’s “unputdownable”. Well, not for me.

I also read this in NYT. I found it disturbing. This opera singer runs 15 miles and eats 3 egg whites. It doesn’t take a nutrition professional to raise your eyebrows.

Happy and HEALTHY holidays. Please let us know what you’re eating, reading and watching, in the comments below.


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