It’s September, that time of year where we get frantic customer emails from people who have overdone it over summer. So today we wanted to share five ways to feel better fast.

Tip one would be to name two things you can cut out temporarily. For example, sugar, booze, white carbs like pizza, pasta and bagels or restaurant meals. For most of our clients it’s booze and one more thing.

Tip two is that you need to drink water to lose water. We want you to consume at least 80 ounces of water per day. In the morning we recommend adding the juice of half a lemon and/or some lemon zest to help you detox from heavy metals. A tablespoon of raw apple cider vinegar is also great. We have a great detox tonic in our shop.

Tip three is to sweat summer out of your system. So four times a week run, spin, row or take a dance class. It doesn’t even have to be a workout, it could be an infrared sauna. If you happen to still be drinking, sweating removes alcohol from your system. It also removes other toxins, even BPAs from plastics.

Tip four is early dinner, weight loss winner. Early dinners are great for weight loss. One reason is that they help you skip excess snacks. We recommend eight hours of eating. For many people this looks like a breakfast around 10am, lunch at 2pm and then dinner at 6pm or 6:30pm. Having those dinners at home is key – homemade dinners are the absolute most underestimated weight loss and wellness tool.

Tip five is craving cutters and debloaters. We love secret weapons – food items or supplements that, if you’re doing your basics like eating your vegetables, sleeping and drinking water, they give you an added boost. Our top secret weapons for this time of year are probiotics, and fermented foods are great for probiotics. Things like sugar, gluten, alcohol, everything we consume in summer, are just terrible for your gut. The consequences are that you crave the wrong things, your mood can take a hit, you can be a little bit more gassy or not as regular. So September is like gut health month. You could do the apple cider vinegar or the detox tonic that Carolyn mentioned. A probiotic supplement is a really good idea. There’s a new coconut yogurt called Cocojune that we’re liking a lot. Something you can put on yogurt and in smoothies is CocoChia®.  Probably the number one probiotic would be fermented veggies. These are things like real pickles. There’s a great brand called Bubbies. Mother In Law’s does a great daikon radish one. Farmhouse Culture does all different krauts with different spicy flavors or there’s fermented carrots and beets. So experiment a little bit with those. You just have to consume about a tablespoon of them a day and you get billions of probiotics. Our favorite debloater is dandelion. We stock these dandelion drops. Dandelion also comes in teas. In spring you can get fresh dandelion greens, Because of its potassium content, avocado is a great debloater. Lemon, asparagus and drinking more water are great too.



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