Today we’re talking about breakfast. What to eat, what not to eat and when is a good time to have breakfast. 

We don’t think breakfast is the most important meal of the day (we suggest you have your biggest meal at lunch), but we also don’t recommend skipping it. If you’re going to skip a meal or make it much smaller, research suggests the best one is dinner because our metabolism is much better in the morning than in the evening. 

When should you eat breakfast? We suggest not straight away. If you’re interested in fat loss and changing your body composition it’s better to exercise fasted unless you get lightheaded. If you’re ravenous in the morning it could be because you’re not getting enough sleep or the balance of flora in your gut is not right. If you’re not hungry until noon, possibly you’re overeating close to bedtime. 12 hours after finishing your evening meal is a good time to have breakfast. For most people we suggest between 8-10am. 

A lot of breakfast options are basically dessert. If you want sustained energy for the day and/or you’d like to change your body composition, avoid a sugar or carb fest and have a protein-rich breakfast with some good fat instead. Cold cereals muffins and bagels definitely aren’t doing you any favors, but even oatmeal is going to spike your blood sugar if it doesn’t have any protein with it. 

Our favorite breakfast options include:




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