There are so many things that we should all be doing on a healthy diet, regardless of its restrictions. There’s so much overlap in a healthy vegan diet, omnivorous, and a gluten-free diet.

We’re going to give some comments on The Game Changers movie and vegan diets in general. We watched the movie and, knowing the science behind it, snuffed out the agenda pretty quickly. But many laypeople found it very convincing, so after receiving many questions about it, we knew we had some debunking to do.

The movie’s premise isn’t just that plant-based diets are good or have benefits, but that they are the best or most ideal, and specifically best for performance. It is possible to be on a plant-based diet and thrive, but you have to work for it and be on top of the nutrients that you’re getting.

Athlete vs. The Rest of Us

The movie tracks a bunch of high-profile athletes who are vegan or eat strictly plant-based diets, but it shows some survivorship bias. We want to study what these people are doing, but it doesn’t apply to most of us who aren’t running marathons every week. There are also plenty of high performers who are omnivores. The plan for an athlete will look very different from someone who wants to lose weight or someone who is pregnant.

Is it Vegan or is it De-Crapping?

Many people are going from a standard American diet of fast food and very little vegetables to a plant-based diet and using that as a metric for results. But would that person feel the same if they went to a diet that was plant-based with grass-fed beef? We don’t see that story as often. Often, just getting rid of a lot of the junk in your diet makes up most of the benefits.


There is no something as plant-based collagen. It is only attainable from animals or fish. It’s a source of amino acid that is very difficult to get otherwise. You can get much of that collagen just from eating fish, which many find to be a healthier option.

Environmental Effects

The conditions of industrial agriculture are gross, but the production of many plants including soy and wheat isn’t great for the environment either.

The issue for every one of our diets is quality, whether it’s plant-based, paleo, or something else. From our work with people, we should all be watching out for or cutting gluten, sugar, and refined oils.



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