We always get a lot of questions about alcohol. We of course love everything healthy, but we also love having fun – especially in the Summer! You don’t have to lock yourself inside the house or avoid social gatherings just to meet your health goals when all of your friends are having fun in the sun. 

There are, however, some strategies you can use to stay a little healthier while you’re at the family barbecue or on vacation:

  • The healthiest amount to drink is zero, but we don’t think you have to cut out the category entirely to be healthy.
  • The best things to drink are clear spirits – like vodka, gin, or blanco tequila – because there’s less sugar (plus, you’re less likely to have a hangover!)
  • If your love is wine, stick to dry wines because those will generally have less sugar as well. Cheaper wines are also likely to be less fermented, meaning there will be more residual sugars in cheaper wines.
  • There are a lot of pesticides sprayed on wine grapes, especially in California. So you might want to stick to international wines. Some of our favorites come from New Zealand because the whole wine industry there is biodynamic.
  • While gin and tonics are a summer favorite, tonic water actually has the same sugar content as soda.
  • Don’t feel bad asking questions about your cocktails! Most drinks at bars will include some simple syrup or agave and it’s okay to ask for yours without.
  • Measure your glasses and servings so that you know how much you’re actually drinking. One “glass” of wine may be more than one 5oz serving.
  • Don’t drink on an empty stomach. If you eat some good fat even just an hour before you start drinking, it’ll keep your blood sugar up and prevent you from getting too tipsy too fast (which can lead to even worse food decisions).
  • After you start drinking, our rule is one drink of water for each drink of alcohol.
  • Prepare some healthy snacks for yourself before you go out for the night so that you don’t end up going for the chips or sweets when you get home.
  • We don’t recommend taking advil or tylenol before bed to avoid a hangover – it’s terrible for your liver.
  • Alcohol drains a lot of magnesium out of your body, so you might consider taking magnesium supplements after a night of drinking, like our Foodtrainers® Chill Pills.
  • For supporting your liver health on a regular basis, eat more turmeric, spinach, and broccoli. We also have our Foodtrainers® Everything Pills and Zizia Liver Tincture, which will help detox your river.




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