Would you spend 5 minutes a day to nearly double your chances of sticking with your weight loss goal?

One piece of advice that hasn’t changed since Foodtrainers first started is also one of the most important skills for improving nutrition: Tracking.

People who track better do better. The devil is in the details, and it can be hard to get a good sense of what you are doing without putting it all out there. And this isn’t just our opinion: Research shows that the number one predictor of weight loss was the number of days that participants tracked their food.

This doesn’t just have to apply to nutrition or weight loss, either! There is always a gap between what we think we are doing during our day and what we are actually doing. It seems like a no-brainer.

What should you include in your nutrition tracker?

  • What you’re eating – use common sense portions
  • When you’re eating
  • Hours of sleep
  • Beverages
  • Exercise and daily steps

You’re never going to stick to something if you make it tedious, so try and make this process as simple as possible so that you can make it stick and see the results it can bring!



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